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Company Profile:

Manzara Tourism Co – your travel partner in Uzbekistan

The Uzbek word "Manzara" means "Panorama", and  Manzara Tourism means Panoramic Tourism.  What we offer is Panorama of Uzbekistan, Panorama of the Silk Road.
We arrange tours along Uzbekistan and the countries of the Great Silk Road: Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan.

Company mission:
Manzara Tourism Co mission is to show all the attractiveness of Uzbekistan and the Silk Road panoramas, to prove that these destinations may be both interesting and affordable to everyone.
We offer a wide range of tours along Uzbekistan and the Silk Road to any taste, in order to amaze our clients with new options and to motivate them to comeback now and again.
We seek to become a successful company in our region while measuring our effectiveness by rapturous smiles of our guests.

Company vision:
When you choose a company to work with, you need confidence that they know the product and are able to give you the best the destination has to offer at a competitive price.
We at Manzara Tourism Co are determined that we are able to fit our partners’ needs and provide reliable value-for-money travel services.
Manzara Tourism Co is a fully accredited tour operating company providing a wide range of trips ranging from guided all-inclusive tour packages to customized tours. Our travel options include traditional cultural, archeological, cognitive tours, as well as exotic and extreme travels such as heli-skiing, rafting, mountain biking, horseback riding, jeep or camel safari.
All tours feature authentic cultural interaction, the best locations, both known and unknown.
We constantly enrich the range of offered tours ensuring our clients can attend social events and celebrations, cultural shows, visit the workshops of local craftsmen, enjoy the traditional meals in private homes.
The company meticulously researches the product and makes its assessment before introducing it to the market, thus participating in all steps of product development-from generating ideas to designing logistic schemes of day to day operations.

Company travel services:
Manzara Tourism Co provides professional and personalized services. Our work is always varied, challenging and interesting because each tour is special, each project is different, and each client is unique. Our tour operation managers have experience in a broad spectrum of projects from one-on-one advice and solutions for start-up of the new tours up to creative brainstorms for businesses with leading large-scale planning projects involving multiple local service providers of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.
Company high quality travel services include:

  • Assistance with visa and border requirements;
  • Wide selection of hotel accommodation;
  • Overland transportation and transfers by quality tourist buses from company own fleet;
  • Optimum logistics of travelling;
  • Air and train tickets reservation for travelling;
  • Service of the accompanying guides;
  • Sightseeings and Excursions;
  • Theatre and concert performances ticket reservation; etc.

We have close business relations only with licensed local service providers thus ensuring the delivery of quality services.
In our activity we seek to ensure that our operations are as locally sustainable as possible. Thus all tours tailored by our company are eco-friendly and enable our clients to delight in nature and cultural heritage of Central Asia with ecologically low profile impacts.

Company tour products:
Cultural and Adventure Tours, Silk Road Panoramas Tours, Guaranteed Departure Tours, Tailor Made Tours, City Break Tours, Bus Tours, Culinary Tours, Photo Tours, Discovery Tours, Expeditions, Archeological Tours, Religious-cognitive Tours, Ecological Tours, Heli-ski, Rafting, Trekking, Mountain Biking, Mountain ski, Jeep safari, Horse riding, Camel riding, Bird watching, Botanical Tours, Flower watching, Golfing.

We have a wide experience in the organization:
Meetings-Incentive-Conferences-Events Tours, VIP Tours, Tours of charter flights, Silk Road aboard AN-2 Biplane, Silk Road from train windows, Classic Car Endurance Rally, Silk Road Marathon, Memorial Tours, Honeymoon trips, Medical Tours, Caravan Tours.

Annually we organize following tours:
The Roads of the Silk Caravans, The Golden Journey to Samarkand, The Country of Tamerlane, Architectural Pearls of Eastern Renaissance, The Ancient Customs of the Uzbeks, Following the footsteps of Alexander the Great, Following the footsteps of Avicenna, Navruz - the New Year Festival of Spring, From stars above Samarkand to stars from Baikonur, Oriental Tale, Following in the steps of Buddhist pilgrim Xuan-Zang, etc.

Advantages of Manzara Tourism Co:

  1. Manzara Tourism Co serves foreign tourists in Uzbekistan on its own quality bus fleet:  MAN Lions Coach,  Higer Bus,  Higer Bus Midi. 
    Please see: http://manzaratourism.com/transport

  2. For us the most important thing is safety of our guests. All our buses are insured and are equipped with seat belts for each passenger.
    We consider ecological safety to be a basis of successful business. Our buses have the engine of ecological standard EURO-4.

  3. We have contracted long-term partnership arrangements with all hotels of Uzbekistan.
    We offer only the checked up hotels.
    For our partners we provide updated rates of accommodation in hotels of Uzbekistan (Confidential tariffs) each tree month.

  4. We have established an excellent working relationship with most restaurants of Uzbekistan.
    We offer only the checked up restaurants and are ready to provide the detailed menu and photos of dishes.

  5. To facilitate travels of the tourists in their tours to Uzbekistan we use escort service at the airport of Tashkent on arrival.

  6. Manzara Tourism Co has experienced and professional staff that can help with preparation of tours to Uzbekistan and to other countries of the Silk Road and to facilitate travels of the tourists.  As real insiders, our staff has in-depth destination and lifestyle expertise and seek to be the best host to all our guests. Please, see our Contact Details file.

  7. The company has special managers who control the quality of services and who monitor all groups from arrival till departure:
    Please, contact: 
    Karina Ziganshina_Manzara Tourism_ <contract@manzaratourism.com>
    Tatyana Kovalevsky_Manzara Tourism_ <HR@manzaratourism.com>
    For the EMERGENCY CONTACTS please call:
    Sardor Khasanov_Manzara Tourism_+998-90-317-57-75 

  8. Our team of well-informed, professional multi-lingual guides understand tourists’ expectations and provide fascinating insights into local history and traditions in ways no guidebooks are able to do.
    We provide service of the best accompanying guides in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Chinese and Russian languages.
    For our partners we provide the List of Guides who work for Manzara Tourism Co in Uzbekistan.

  9. Manzara Tourism Co provides flexible price policy taking into consideration principles of European standards as well as traditional Uzbek hospitality and eastern trade.

  10. With its successful experience, reliable service, attention to detail and expertise in the region, Manzara Tourism Co today is a good match in providing destination management services to the number of companies of the world. At the moment we advise services to the tourists from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, USA and do it successfully.

  11. Manzara Tourism Co has a wide experience of work with its sales representatives in various countries. Now the Company has its active representatives in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, USA and Canada, who can help with preparation of tours to Uzbekistan and advise local Tour Operators and Travel Agents in their countries the best solutions.

Want to know more about the travel opportunities our company offers?
Browse through our website www.manzaratourism.com and choose from variety of options to meet your travel needs.