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Uzbekistan History

Uzbekistan History in BriefUzbekistan History in brief

Uzbekistan has a rich history, which goes as far back as the remote ages. According to archeologists, this land is one of the most ancient man's habitats. Within the last 50 years alone there have been found here several sites of a primitive man of Stone Age. The most famous ones are Teshiktash and Amankutan.

Zoroastrianism in UzbekistanZoroastrianism in Uzbekistan

The doctrines of Zoroastrianism are little known to general public. But as you familiarize yourself with this religion, you find, to your surprise, that it has much in common with other religions, including the Bible. Zoroastrianism, too, indoctrinates with such notions as Creation of the world, Paradise and Hell, the Messiah's Advent, Doomsday and Last Judgement. Actually these notions were to a large extent borrowed by Christianity, Islam and Judaism from Zoroastrianism.


A thought unwritten is a thought lost' as the saying goes. It is especially right for the words meant to last years, for instance doctrines of a faith. That is why the clergy and monks in particular were justly the first to know written languages.

Alexander the Great in Central AsiaAlexander the Great in Central Asia

Twenty-five centuries separate us from the time when Alexander the Great lived and performed his deeds. There have been published more than 30000 scientific researches and literary works dedicated to this outstanding man; we know great number of legends and myths connected with his name; his image has been depicted on the works of art. Still today the name of the great commander and statesman keeps drawing attention of historians, philosophers, archeologists, military specialists and all those who are interested in the history of human development.

Roxana of Amu Darya – the Beloved Wife of Alexander

Thirty thousand books are said to be written about Alexander the Great. This figure could be even higher as new publications continue to appear. We know nearly in detail his great eastern campaign from Hellespont to Hind; and almost by episodes we picture to ourselves his battles. We are familiar with the conqueror's words and deeds which gained popularity owing to his victories. When Macedonian troops reached the Asian shore it was him who first threw the spear towards the land and said that Gods confided the defeated Asia to him.

Bactria – the Country of GoldBactria - the Country of Gold

Ancient Bactria, glorified by Hellenic historians as a great powerful state, is a vast historic area located on the both banks of the Amu Darya river, from the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan to the Hissar Mountain Range in Uzbekistan. In order to study ancient Bactria, in 1969 there was formed a joint Soviet-Afghan archeological team headed by Professor Victor Sarianidi.

Sogdiana, the Wonderland

SogdianaSogdiana is the name of a historical area on the territory of present-day Uzbekistan located in the basin of the Zerafshan and Kashkadarya rivers. According to one version the very word 'Sogd' means 'country of fertile valleys'. Poetic lines of 'Avesta' composed in the 9th - 12th centuries B.C. glorify legendary origination of this land: "Then I, Ahura Mazda, created inimitable Sogdiana, the land rich in flocks of sheep".

The Country of TamerlaneShakhrisabz - The Country of Tamerlane

It is said that once young Temur was sitting and watching an ant crawling up the grass stem. An insect was sliding, falling down, but still it kept crawling up. At last, it reached the top. The young man thought: "If the ant managed to achieve its goal, why can't I?" And since then he succeeded in all his deeds.

The History of Osman's KoranOsman's Koran

Osman's Koran is recognized as a remarkable and unique monument. It is an essential part of Muslim historical and cultural heritage. Kept in a special chamber in Barak-Khan Madrassah in Tashkent, Osman's Koran continues to be an unflagging attraction for researchers, pilgrims and tourists from many countries of the world.