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And still, why Uzbekistan?

On board the plane flying from Tashkent to New York two elderly women were talking. One of them said, “Who would ever have thought that this country could have such a great appeal”. Her words sounded a bit bizarre, but sincere. The country she meant was Uzbekistan. One cannot help agreeing with her. There are at least 10 aspects of the appeal which account for the reason why a person with an inquiring mind and plenty of spare time, but still hesitant as to how to spend it, should visit Uzbekistan.

Aspect #1: You will open up for yourself ancient history and unique culture of the country you haven’t been to before. This country is located between the Amu Darya and the Syr Darya rivers in the very heart of Central Asia, half way along the famous Great Silk Road.

Aspect #2: You will familiarize yourself with a lifestyle rather distinct from the one you got used to, and will experience traditions and customs which most likely will win your respect.

Aspect #3: Visiting Uzbekistan, which is the ‘heart’ of the Great Silk Road, you will learn much about this ancient caravan road that connected East and West more than two thousand years ago: its origin, its great role in the mankind’s history. You will get evidence that due to the efforts of world community and with assistance of UNO the Great Silk Road is being revived in order to continue its consolidating role in the development of the humanity.

Aspect #4: You will be able to travel through the centuries while visiting ancient cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrisabz and many others. Today on the territory of Uzbekistan there remain more than 1400 historical and architectural monuments. Many of them are really unique and are included into the UNESCO World Heritage List. Having visited them once you will never forget everlasting beauty of their ancient palaces and minarets, mausoleums and madrassahs. Today, like in ancient times, the narrow streets of historical part of these cities are lined with workshops of local craftsmen whose craft traditions have been passed from generation to generation. To your order, in the small workshop they will make splendid jewelry, or exquisite embossed copper jug, a porcelain dish, elegant embroidery, a noted Uzbek knife-pechok. It will become a memorable keepsake about your visit to Uzbekistan.

Aspect #5: Many historical monuments of Uzbekistan date back to the Middle Ages, to the times of Temurids. Born in Shakhrisabz, Temur made Samarkand the capital of his mighty state Movarounnahr. The envoys from many European countries came to his court in search of friendship and support. Visiting Uzbekistan you’ll be able to turn back the pages of history which tell about this outstanding statesman and military leader.

Aspect #6: In Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, you will get evidence of how harmonious the synthesis of European and Oriental tendencies can be, how naturally ancient historical buildings and best examples of contemporary architecture can coexist, how rich and eventful the life of the gigantic megapolis is. Theatres, museums, sport centres, restaurants, night clubs, out-of-town recreation and entertainment centers – here everyone can realize his inclinations and interests.

Aspect #7: Within few days of your stay in Uzbekistan you’ll be able to travel from sand dunes of the desert to snow-capped mountains, from tugai woodland to alpine meadows and fertile river valleys. You will see glaciers and karst caves with underground lakes and waterfalls, you will familiarize yourself with unique flora and fauna of Uzbekistan.

Aspect #8: Having heard much about oriental hospitality you will have the opportunity to actually experience hospitality at its best. Each guest can expect the warmest and heartfelt welcome to all we have. In a brand-name restaurant or in a modest Uzbek house you will be welcomed with lavish culinary delights; the hosts will invite musicians and dancers for you. You will participate in folk festivity, enjoy the contest of local strongmen, will emotionally support your favourite player in the national equestrian game ulak.

Aspect #9: You will be impressed by abundance and diversity of Uzbek cuisine dishes. Shashlyk and manty, lagman and shurpa, roast meat, mampyr, stuffed pumpkin, various vegetable salads. And, of course, the king of Uzbek cuisine – plov. Each region of Uzbekistan features its own unique recipe of this Oriental favourite dish. The recipes of delicious Uzbek dishes to be put into your notebook are many.

And finally, Aspect #10: if after all the above you still have some doubts regarding the attractiveness of Uzbekistan, you can apply to Manzara Tourism company and our friendly and highly professional specialists will do their best to provide you with the most complete and vivid impressions of our country.

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