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Useful Tips


While preparing for a trip to Uzbekistan or to any of the Central Asian countries medical insurance, including emergency evacuation, should be taken care of.

The question of vaccinations is completely at one's own discretion since Uzbekistan and other Republics of Central Asia require no vaccinations.

The strictest attention must be paid to the local food and especially to the quality of tap water. The former has special ingredients such as local spices and a lot of grease while the latter has an unusual flavour and is full of chlorine. When tea, boiled and bottled water are unavailable, purify tap water with iodine tablets.

Among the other distinctive features is the high risk of sunstroke, thus precautionary measures must be taken while under the sun.

Medical kit: aspirin, paracetamol, tylenol, diarrhoea pills, dehydration powders, iodine tablets, antiseptic cream/wipes; plasters.


As with the other Central Asian countries, Uzbekistan runs on 220 volt, 50 Hz with round 2 pin continental plugs.

Time difference

Uzbekistan is +5 hours ahead GMT all year round.

Cities Time difference
Amsterdam, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Madrid, Paris GMT+1
Ankara, Athens, Tel-Aviv GMT+2
Bahrain, Moscow GMT+3
Tashkent, Karachi, Ekaterinburg GMT+5
Bangkok GMT+7
Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur GMT+8
Tokyo GMT+9
Sydney GMT+10
Dakar, Dublin GMT
Buenos Aires GMT-3
New York GMT-5
Chicago GMT-6
San Francisco GMT-8

Best time to travel

Travel is the most pleasant from the brief spring that dusts the desert with floral colour until early June and from September to early November, when tree-lined streets shine in autumnal glory.

Clothing Needed

Light-coloured cotton clothes are the best for summer time. Trousers, long skirts and long sleeved shirts of conservative type prevent sunburnt and respect Muslim sensibilities. Although not many people pay attention to this question in major city centres, flesh must be covered when visiting any holy site.

In the cities open sandals and plimsolls are good for walking while shoes and sneakers are best for exploring ancient sites and monuments.

In colder weather jackets or light sweaters are good in the evenings and for hiking in the mountains. In the desert be ready for nightly temperature drops.



Uzbekistan's monetary unit - soum. US dollars and other hard currencies may be exchanged for soum in any branch of the National Bank of Uzbekistan as well as traveller's cheques and credit cards. At the same time paying by credit cards is becoming widely spread in the big stores, hotels etc.

Dialing codes

International code for Uzbekistan: +998

City Dialing codes
Tashkent (+998 71) + 7-digit telephone number
(+998 712) + 6-digit telephone number
Samarkand (+998 66) + 7-digit telephone number
(+998 662) + 6-digit telephone number
Bukhara (+998 65) + 7-digit telephone number
(+998 652) + 6-digit telephone number
(+998 6522) + 5-digit telephone number
Urgench (+998 62) + 7-digit telephone number
(+998 622) + 6-digit telephone number
(+998 6222) + 5-digit telephone number
Ferghana (+998 73) + 7-digit telephone number
(+998 732) + 6-digit telephone number
(+998 7322) + 5-digit telephone number
Andijan (+998 74) + 7-digit telephone number
(+998 742) + 6-digit telephone number
(+998 7422) + 5-digit telephone number
Dzhizak (+998 72) + 7-digit telephone number
(+998 722) + 6-digit telephone number
(+998 7222) + 5-digit telephone number
Namangan (+998 69) + 7-digit telephone number
(+998 692) + 6-digit telephone number
(+998 6922) + 5-digit telephone number
Navoi (+998 79) + 7-digit telephone number
(+998 792) + 6-digit telephone number
(+998 7922) + 5-digit telephone number
Shakhrisabz (+998 75) + 7-digit telephone number
(+998 752) + 6-digit telephone number
(+998 7522) + 5-digit telephone number
Termez (+998 76) + 7-digit telephone number
(+998 762) + 6-digit telephone number
(+998 7622) + 5-digit telephone number
Nukus (+998 61) + 7-digit telephone number
(+998 612) + 6-digit telephone number
(+998 6122) + 5-digit telephone number
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