Время в Узбекистане  


Western Tien-Shan, Pamiro-Alay
This program is meant for fans of mountain biking adventures, preferring to combine all amenities from contact with mysterious nature and meeting with antiquities, people and culture of country. Not too exhausting legs of the biking around Fergana Valley allow to have active rest in full measure and to touch to rich history of this land at the same time...


Fergana Valley extends along tectonic cavity of Tien-Shan in a middle stream of Sirdaya river on altitude of 300-1000m above sea level. This is a unique corner of Central Asia. All types of landscapes are exposed here. Nature or Valley amazes with plenty of coloures: from dark-grey sands of Central Fergana to emerald-green cotton fields, fringed with mulberry-trees; from high mountain alpine meadows to summits crowned snow-white turbans. There is most soft climate in comparison with other areas of Uzbekistan. Fergana Valley is most densely populated region of Uzbekistan. Almost tierce country’s population lives here. Fergana Valley is called as The Heart of Uzbekistan. There are about 25.000 square km of fertile land, big oasis, banded with mountain ridges like Kuramin mountain (on North - ern – Western direction), Chatkal moun- tain ridge (on Northern direction), Fergana mountain ridge (on Eastern direction), Alay and Turquestan mountain ridges (on Southern direction).


DAY 1: Arrival in Tashkent. Transfer to hotel.
Sightseeing around Tashkent.
Dinner in hotel restaurant.

DAY 2: Early breakfast in hotel restaurant. Transfer from Tashkent to Kamchick pass (2267m).
Lunch in tea-house on the way.
Transfer from Kamchick pass to Kokand city.
Dinner in tea-house in Kokand city.
Pitch Camp 1.

DAY 3: Breakfast is in tea-house.
Biking trip for sightseeing: Mension of Khudayar-Khan (Khan’s Palace “Urda”); Narbuta-Bey Mosque; Ancient Cemetery (with more then one million of graves), where there are: Dakhma-i-Shakhon – the Burialvault of All Kokand Khans; Modary-Khan Mousoleum; Mijon- Khazrat Mousoleum.
Lunch in tea-house in city.
Transfer to Rishtan town.
Dinner in tea-house.
Pitch Camp 2.

DAY 4: Breakfast is in tea-house.
Biking trip around town for visiting of private traditional ceramics
Lunch in tea-house.
Transfer to Margilan town.
Dinner in tea-house.
Pitch Camp 3.

DAY 5: Breakfast is in tea-house.
Biking trip around town for sightseeing: Khanakock Mosque;
Khunarmandchilick Madrasah; Siddick Pyramid; Silk weaving-mill “Jodgorlick”.
Lunch in tea-house.
Transfer to Fergana city.
Sightseeing around city with visiting historical places: Central City Park; Regional museum; Fergana Dramatic Theatre; Al-Fargony Monument.
Dinner is in tea-house.
Pitch Camp 4.

DAY 6: Breakfast in tea-house.
Transfer to Kuva town.
Site of ancient “Kuva” settlement. Archaeology Museum.
Archaeological dig place:
Buddha Temple and Sanctuary – Cult complex, monumental sculptures,
destroyed Buddha statue;
Akhmad Al-Fargony Monumental complex.
Lunch in tea-house.
Transfer to Andijan city.
Dinner in tea-house.
Pitch Camp 5.

DAY 7: Breakfast in tea-house.
Biking trip for sightseeing:
Garden and Bobur’s House and Museum;
“Jamy” complex (1,5 hectaries ): “Juma” Mosque (“Friday” Mosque), Minaret;
Central Bazaar;
“Khunarmandchilick” handicraft Street;
Site of ancient “Ershy” settlement (“Mingtepa” – at nowadays).
Lunch in tea-house.
Transfer to Namangan town.
(On the way – short stop in Khackulabad town for having rest).
Dinner in tea-house.
Pitch Camp 6.

DAY 8: Breakfast in tea-house.
Sightseeing around local historical places:
Ota Valikhon Tura Mosque;
Khodja Amin Mousoleum;
Functioning Madrasah “Mullo-Kyrgyz”;
Ruins of the ancient town “Akhsykent”.
Lunch in tea-house.
Transfer to Chust town.
Excursion to private workshops where handicraftman families make traditional Chust knifes.
Transfer to the highway leading to Kamchick pass.
Change transport to microbus.
Transfer to Tashkent.
Accommodation at hotel.
Late dinner in hotel restaurant.

DAY 9: Early breakfast in hotel restaurant.
Transfer to airport.

 Additional important information:
  • Total extension of the route is 810 km, from which 405 km is by microbus and 405 km is by mountain bikes; distances of city excursions routes are not included;
  • There is no mobile link somewhere in area of biking tour;
  • It’s possible to hire bikes – it should be discussed at correspondence;
  • Tour One Week Biking Around Fergana Valley works from March through the end of October;
  • Category of difficulty of the route is middle; the route is meant for experienced biking tourists.

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