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Flower watching in Uzbekistan: Fairyland Journey

 Flower watching in Uzbekistan
Flower watching tour around Western Tien-Shan

This program gives travellers the unique chance to watch flora of several mountain ridges of the Western Tien-Shan: Chatkal ridge, Ugam and Karjantau ridges, Pskem ridge, Keksu ridge, Kuramin ridge, Turkestan ridge. Members will see famous Charvak reservoir – artificial lake in mountains. The group will visit Ugam – Chatkal National Park, Zaraphshan reserve, Zaamin reserve.

Itinerary: Tashkent – Tashkent Botanical Garden – Chimgan mountaim range (Beldersay tract, Chatkal mountain ridge) – Charvak reservoir – Kizil-Su river gorge (Karjantau and Ugam mountain ridges) – Pskem mountain ridge – Paltau mountain foot (Keksujsky mountain ridge) – Tashkent – Samarqand – Zaraphshan reserve – Zaamin reserve (Turkestan mountain ridge) – Tashkent – Abjazsay river gorge (Kuramin mountain ridge).

Flora of the Tien-Shan mountain range is manifold. There are not less then 2200 species of plants dwell here – from the Turan desert flora to high-mountain flora of the Pamiro-Alay. Majority of all these plants covers the angiospermous – 2150 species. As traveller approaches mountains he crosses 5 plant girdles (levels): 700m – 1200m – Ephemeridae flora (Lat.), 1200m – 1500m – deciduous – woody – shrubby flora, 1500m – 2300m – “archa” trees (kind of juniper), 2300m – 2800m – Acantholimon Boiss species(Lat.) and mountain steppes, above 2800m – Alpine plants. About 650 species of plants are used in medi- cine and 400 are used as food plants.

Flower watching in Uzbekistan
DAY 1: Arrival in Tashkent airport. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation. Rest.
Transfer to the Tashkent Botanical Garden. Excursion in the Tashkent
Botanical Garden with professional botanist.
Return to the hotel. Lunch in hotel restaurant.
Sightseeing around evening Tashkent.
Return to the hotel. Dinner.

DAY 2:
Early breakfast.
Transfer to the Ugam-Chatkal National Park to Chimgan mountain range (Beldersay tract) to the down station of the Beldersay chair-lift (rope-way).
Rope-way tour to the up station (Kumbel mountain).
Beldersay tract is located on western exposure slopes of Chatkal ridge.
Altitude of this mountain range in this area is from 1500m to 3300m above sea level. This place attracts with luxuriant vegetation of shrubby species, the majority of which are precinctive for the Western Tien-Shan and the Pamiro-Alay. In up level of Beldersay tract several species of the spring flora are met – Colchicum luteum, Crocus alatavicus, Tulipa tshimganica, Tulipa bifloriformis, Arum korolkovii, Echinops karatavicus, different species of Eremurus and Ferula, Polygonium coriarum, Rosa divina, Junipe-rus seravschanica, Iris locyii, Rheum maximovicii, Prunus etc.
Flower watching walk around Kumbel summit (2200m) to the saddle (2150m) and then – along the crest leading to Maygashkan summit (2310m).
Lunch en route.
Rope-way tour back to the down station of the Beldersay chair-lift.
Transfer to “Charvak Orromgokhy” hotel placed on a bank of Charvak
reservoir. Accommodation.
Charvak reservoir is huge artificial lake with 2 milliard capacity of fresh water. It’s very popular summer resort as well as source of pure and fresh water for population of Chirchik valley.
Rest. Walks. Dinner in hotel restaurant.

DAY 3: Breakfast. Transfer around Charvak reservoir to the gorge of Kizil-Su river. Flower watching walk up along the river by ground
road towards the uppers. It’s possible to reach the waterfall (according group’s desire). Lunch en route.
Kizil-Su river comes from junction of Ugam and Karjantau mountain ridges – Mingbulak summit (2824m). The gorge of this river is placed on the southern exposure of these ridges.
Walk back. Transfer back to the hotel. Rest. Dinner in hotel restaurant.

DAY 4: Breakfast in hotel restaurant. Transfer to far territory of Ugam – Chatkal National Park to Pskem river and then up along Pskem river gorge to Semisazsay river gorge. Flower watching walk. Lunch en route.
The valley of Pskem river is formed by two highest ridges of the Central Asia – Ugam and Pskem ridges. High ridges altitudes (up to 4000m), insularity or area, latitudinal extension macro slopes, abundance of atmospheric precipitates, farness from densely populated settlements and other factors are the reason of forming of the unique flora composition here. Pskem river basin is center of the Western Tien-Shan in whole, where more then 1500 species of plants exist. Besides, more then 50 endemic species are spred here.
Transfer to the to Badaksay river gorge. Flower watching walk around the downs of Badaksay river.
Transfer to “Charvak Oromgohy” hotel. Rest. Dinner in hotel restaurant.

 Flower watching in Uzbekistan

Flower watching in Uzbekistan

Flower watching in Uzbekistan
DAY 5: Breakfast in hotel restaurant.
Transfer to Paltau mountain foot (Keksu mountain ridge). Flower watching walk by good ground road across the birch groves to the waterfall. Lunch en route.
Transfer to Tashkent. Accommodation at hotel. Dinner in hotel restaurant.

DAY 6: Early breakfast in hotel restaurant. Transfer to Samarkand. Lunch en route in wayside tea-house. Accommodation at hotel. Rest.
Transfer to Zarafshan reserve (vicinities of Samarkand).
Excursion in Zarafshan reserve.
Zaraphshan reserve was founded in 1975. It’s located on the right side of Zaraphshan river in its middle stream. The length of Zaraphshan reserve is 47km, and width is 1500m (somewhere is 300m). Area is 2320 hectares, 30% of it is covered with forest.
Transfer back to the hotel. Dinner is in hotel restaurant.

DAY 7: Early breakfast in hotel restaurant. Transfer to Zaamin reserve.
Flower watching walk in Zaamin reserve. Lunch en route.
Zaamin reserve was founded in 1960-1976 on Turkestan ridge spurs with altitude from 1760 to 3500m above sea level. Area of it is 10.5 thousands hectares and 4161 hectares of it is covered with forest.
Transfer to Tashkent. Accommodation at hotel. Dinner in hotel restaurant.

DAY 8: Breakfast in hotel restaurant.
Transfer in direction of Angren town to Abjazsay river gorge.
Flower watching walk in “archa” (kind of juniper) forest. Lunch en route.
Abjazsay river is situated in northern spurs of Kuramin ridge, altitude of which is from 1600 to 300m above sea level. The territory of Abjazsay river basin is unique botanical museum where realm of several species of “archa” (local name of junipers) dwells.
At 16:00 – transfer back in Tashkent. Rest. Dinner in restaurant.
Transfer to the Tashkent airport. Seeing off. Departure. 

Additional important information:
  • Somewhere in the region of the tour there is no mobile link;
  • The action period of the flower watching tour Fairyland Journey is from May 20 – June 10;
  • Period of appearance described species of flowers and plants can vary depending on present year.

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