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Jami Mosque in Andijan

Ferghana Valley

At the turn of the 19th-20th centuries in the western part of Jami complex there was constructed a Friday mosque. Contemporaries were impressed with its huge dimensions: the main façade alone had twenty-six arch openings. So far the Andijan Jami Mosque has been considered the largest mosque in the Fergana Valley.

The layout of the mosque is typical for this region: a symmetrical composition consisting of a rectangular hall on three sides surrounded by avian. What impresses most is the gorgeous fretwork of wooden columns supporting the ceiling of avian and the ceiling itself decorated with bright patterns made of a combination of geometrical ornaments and floral and vegetal elements.

To this complex also belongs a minaret – the highest in the Fergana Valley. It soars 32 metres high dominating the surrounding construction. The brick minaret of Jami mosque was placed on octahedral base. Each facet of the base is lined with arched niches ornamented with medallions containing quotations from the Koran made in Arabic characters.

Unlike the minarets of Bukhara or Khiva, which in majority of cases were completely covered with decorative ornamental belts of glazed tiles or bricks, Jami minaret of Andijan is decorated with geometrical brickwork only in its central part, and its top is decorated with a ring made of blue and dark blue tiles. A spiral staircase winds around the shaft of the tower. A domed lantern with arched openings tops the minaret.

The completion of the minaret heralded the completion of the whole Jami complex. In front of it there was constructed an artificial pool whereas the surrounding ground area was planted with fruit and decorative trees. Special expressiveness of this largest in the Fergana valley architectural complex is achieved by monumental forms in combination with decorative elements typical for this region. Alongside with other religious constructions, Friday Jami mosque has recently opened its door for Moslem believers of Andijan.

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