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The Maturidiy Shrine


The Maturidiy Shrine

In the old part of Samarkand one can visit the Maturidy shrine. Abu Mansur Al-Maturidiy is one of the first theorists of the Islam religion. He immortalized his name as an originator of the Islam philosophical fundamentals doctrine. Subsequently this doctrine got the name «Maturidia» and gained wide popularity. Al-Maturidiy’s fundamental research in the field of theology and Sheriyat fundamentals, titled «Maakhaz as-Sharif», «Kitab al-jadal», and «Taavilat al-Quran», have been of great  value and topicality to the present day, and the evidence of that is republication of Maturidiy’s books in Moslem countries over a period of a thousand years.

Abu Mansur Muhammad, nicknamed Maturidiy, was born in Maturid settlement (nowadays Motrit kishlak) in the environs of Samarkand. At the end of the 9th century he studied in Al-Ayozy madrassah in Samarkand, where lectured such outstanding theologians of that time as Abu Bakr Al-Juzjani and Nasr Al-Balhi. Later al-Maturidy himself gave lectures in the madrassah, concurrently studying Koran surahs, hadiths and their interpretation. He took a keen interest in such matters as ethics, Sheriyat laws, moral and ethical perfection of a person practicing Islam. The influence of Al-Maturidy’s doctrine on the scholars of next generations cannot be overestimated.

A mausoleum is erected over Al-Maturidiy’s tomb. The architecture of this mausoleum keeps up the traditions of oriental style, whereas in interior decoration there were applied traditional techniques of Uzbek fretwork and stucco painting.

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