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University Boulevard


University Boulevard

In the very heart of Samarkand, for almost a kilometer from the hotels Afrosiab and President there stretches University Boulevard. In the shadows of century-old trees one can often see coveys of boys and girls with text-books and notes in their hands. This is not surprising, as one of the old constructions built up just along the boulevard is Samarkand State University, founded 80 years ago. It is the largest and the most prestigious higher education establishment in the city. Around the boulevard there are University modern buildings accommodating lecture rooms and laboratories. Nearby stands the building of Samarkand Institute of Foreign Languages, where future guides-interpreters are trained.

University Boulevard, whose width of 128 meters can be the envy of many avenues in a capital city was built in the 1870s, soon after Samarkand had been captured by tsarist Russia. The boulevard was then looked upon as a sort of a border between the traditional old part of the city and its new “European” part. Here the city’s administrative and banking center was formed, full of impressive buildings made of so-called “Nicolas’s” brick. At the same time they planted the plane and oak trees which by now can be justly called ‘century-old’ trees. In Turkestan the architects developed a special style of architecture that in original way combined European and local traditions. Thus old buildings decorating the boulevard remind us of the first Tsar’s Governor of Samarkand Province. One of the buildings- the former Governor’s palace - accommodates Samarkand’s khokimiyat (city hall).

Today’s University Boulevard is Samarkand’s educational and scientific center symbolizing the country bright future.

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